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Lets Celebrate Earth day and 4/20

Come hang out with The Crew and Friends on 4-20 (too) & Earth Day as we smoke good and take pictures.

We have partnered with The Bodega Lounge and The Gummy Queens to bring you a few hours on earth day to be surrounded by community, flowers, and even more flowers ;).

There will be games and a photo series.

Please bring blankets and water.

The specific address with directions will be sent on Friday.

Tickets can be purchased Here.

More information on our Partners

The Bodega Lounge will bring the culture forward by highlighting creatives of color.

Unlike your neighborhood bodega, The Bodega Lounge will feature produce, brands, vendors and artwork by creatives of all identities. The co-founders, who are black and queer, know the importance of representation. The majority of the personnel will be queer individuals of color. This establishment will have small bites and beverages with a kitchen space used from emerging chefs from diverse backgrounds. There will be a seasonal rotation of featured chefs. This gives The Bodega Lounge an opportunity to service their guests a different culinary experience quarterly.


Blaze and Reign, business partners and owners of Gummy Queens started this cannabis business in February of 2016 purely on a whim. The two women both have a love for the marijuana plant and have been using cannabis in their everyday lives before it was a cool fad or easily accessible. The stigmas have always been very cringy to them and they work on changing the way society sees marijuana with not only their products but their online presence. Blaze and Reign are proud to shed light on the benefits of the plant as they promote health and wellness. Gummy Queens advocates for those whose use of cannabis is a norm and still remain productive human beings.

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