If the Potluckcrew Lounge is in your city.... You Should go!

The Potluckcrew Lounge started as the Crew's monthly outing at someone's house, eating, trying new strains, playing board games in a living room, and still is!

Chilling at the Potluck Lounge

Only now we support small businesses by sharing our space with BLACK chefs, and vendors. This event has become one of our signature events because our guests get a chance to meet new people, consume in a safe space, and support small businesses.

Food At the Lounge

Saturday, May 29th in Brooklyn, New York we are hosting another one with a Caribbean memorial day vibe. The Menu will consist of Bake and SaltFish, and Rasta Pasta prepared by Chef Temper. The Playlist curated by Nick Seale

This event is free to members so be sure to inquire about membership. We will be Highlighting at Flyte Bites, Growf Papers, and the launch of our new T-shirt Line!

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